Important Information for New Residents

Lake Waukomis Administrative Office: 816-741-2079
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816-741-2079 (Lake Waukomis)
Renters pay a $150.00 water deposit. Owners do not require a inspection of property or a water deposit.


816-254-1470 (Republic)

Missouri Gas Energy:

Cable & Internet:

Dish TV:
Time Warner Cable:

Annual Fees and Regulations

All city fees may be paid, and license obtained, at the office of the City Clerk during regular office hours.


Female: $10.00
Female: Spayed Female: $5.00
Male: $5.00

Dogs and cats must have current rabies shot. Two adult animals are allowed by ordinance.


Boats (All Types): $10.00
Pontoon: $20.00
Motors: $5.00
Trolling Motors: N/C

Boats with motors must be a minimum of 12 feet long and a maximum of 16 feet long with no more than an 8 h.p. motor. All other boats, other than pontoon & deck boats, may be no more than 16 feet long.

Pontoon & deck boats must be no more than 22 feet long and can have up to a 10 h.p. motor. Boats and motors are to be licensed by March 31 each year.


$35.00 per year

Fees are due by March 31st. After March 31st, the following penalties are effective on each dock and watercraft:

After April 1st: $10.00 each
After May 1st: $20.00 each
After June 1st: $30.00 each

Docks and watercraft are inspected annually by the Lake Waukomis Association Dock Committee. If not found to be in good repair, they will be tagged with a notice stating the area(s) needing repair.

All docks, pontoons and boats of all types must have block and lot number displayed.


$5.00 annually


A current city sticker is required, and must be on all vehicles garaged at Lake Waukomis by January 31st.

$2.00 for each vehicle


Building permits are required for any building project, including docks, seawalls, retaining walls, driveways, sidewalks, fences, deck/patios, room addition, garage/carports, houses, etc.

New Homes - $750
Room Additions - $350
Remodel w/out room addition - $250
Electrical Service Upgrade - $75
Deck, Pool, Seawall - $75
Fence, Dock, Sewer, Water Line - $65
Driveway, Parking Pad - $65
Plan Review - $55

An application for building permits is issued by the City Clerk. Permits are issued by Board of Zoning or Building Inspector.


Real Estate & Personal Property Tax: Billed by the Platte County Collector, included in the Platte County Tax billing. Billed in November and due by December 31st.

Lake Waukomis Association Assessment: Billed June 10th, due August 1st and delinquent September 1st. Penalty effective after September 1st.

Dear Resident:

Welcome to Lake Waukomis. You will soon learn you have become part of a peaceful community of friendly people. The enclosed information is designed to answer questions you may have about our community.

Lake Waukomis is a fourth class city, surrounding a 90 acre lake, with a population of 877. We are located in Platte County, May Township, the 9th precinct, the 6th Congressional District and the 32nd District for the State of Missouri.

We are governed by a Board of Aldermen, which meets the second Wednesday of each month. You are invited to attend this open meeting and your suggestions are always welcome.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact the City Office at 741-2079.

Again, welcome and we hope you will enjoy living in our unique community.