General Information

City Stickers: City stickers are mandatory and must be on vehicles by January 31st of each year.

Building Permits: A building permit must be obtained before starting any construction. In addition to buildings, this includes walls, docks, fences, and earth moving or excavating.

Applications for Building Permit may be obtained from the City Collector. Building Permits are issued by the City Zoning Enforcement Officer. Construction may begin only after Permit is issued by the City Zoning Enforcement Officer. The application fee is payable to: City of Lake Waukomis.

Two complete sets of blue print plans, including a complete Wall Section, Elevation and Plot Plan to scale, showing the house as it will be set on the plot must be submitted. Cash Performance Construction and Road Bond (In negotiable funds, refunded in its entirety if bond it completely adhered to). Lot must be staked off, in accordance with the Plot Plan and Blue Print. Guarantee of financial ability to complete the building as shown on plans is required. All the above in accordance with the City Code – Chapter 5. For further details, contact the Enforcement Office, 741-2079.

Boats, Motor and Dock Permits: Boat, Motor, and Dock Permits are delinquent if not paid by March 31st each year. Permits may be obtained from the City Collector.

Dog Tags: All dogs over 3 months old must be immunized and licensed. A license is good for one calendar year and renewable in January. Available from the City Collector. Dogs must be under restraint at all times. City ordinance requires pet owners to clean up after their pets.

The Board of Alderman of the City of Lake Waukomis meet on the second Wednesday evening of each month, at the Community Building.

City Elections are held on the first Tuesday in April. Voter registration is at City Hall, in the Community Building.

The Board of Directors of the Lake Waukomis Association meet on the second Tuesday evening of each month. All residents are invited to attend. The meeting is held at the Community Building.

All property owners are members of The Lake Waukomis Association. Active members (all assessments paid) of the Association elect 7 directors to the 14 member Board each year prior to the annual meeting. Active members participate and vote at this annual Association Meeting on the second Friday in February.

Property Leases:Owners may rent or lease a property only after securing permission from the Lake Waukomis Association.

Boating, Fishing and Swimming:

Boats, motors and docks must be licensed and fees paid each year. Display the license in a prominent place. Boats and docks must display lot and block information.

Boats must be marked both port and starboard on the bow with the numbers and letters in block form and character, at least 3’’ high in contrasting color with the background.

All boats must carry an approved life preserver for each person aboard. Power boats must stay clear of swimmers and all other craft. They are not to disturb people fishing on shore or in boats.

Swimmers must at all times stay within 50 feet of the shore line.

Any person water skiing, hydroplaning or surfboard riding shall do so only in open waters while using an approved life preserver (air mattresses and inner tubes not approved to be towed behind watercraft due of the danger of puncture).

Power boats speed limit is 12 mph in open water, 3 mph within 50 feet of shore and coves, creating no wake.

All watercraft being used between sunset and sunrise shall have installed and in full use lights as are required by applicable U.S. Coast Guard regulations. Motor horsepower shall not exceed 7.9 horsepower except Pontoon and Deck Boats which shall not exceed 9.9 horsepower.

It is unlawful for any non-resident of the city, except non-resident lot owners, to fish at Lake Waukomis; unless fishing with permission from or on a resident dock, owners dock or property, or in the company of a resident or lot owner of the city. A State of Missouri fishing license is required. Questions concerning the above can be answered by consulting the City Ordinances or the Director of Public Safety.


All signs, however displayed, are prohibited.

Use of firearms, B-B guns, slingshots, bow & arrows and fireworks are prohibited. Second tier property owners must use access ways to the lake. To determine the location of access way, please call the City Office. Private property must not be crossed without express permission of the property owner.