November Events

June 13: HOA Board Mtg @ 7pm
June 14: Skip-Bo @ 1-4pm
June 14: City Council Mtg @ 7pm
June 17: Men's Club Boat Wash @ 8am-5pm
June 17: 4th of July Store @ 11am-3pm
June 18: 4th of July Store @ 11am-3pm
June 21: Skip-Bo @ 1-4pm
June 24: 4th of July Store @ 11am-3pm
June 25: 4th of July Store @ 11am-3pm
June 28: Skip-Bo @ 1-4pm
June 29: Bake Sale Drop-off @ 5-7pm
June 30: Bake Sale Drop-off @ 5-6:30pm
June 30: LW 4th of July Celebration Starts

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4th of July: Portrait of an American Small Town

Friday, June 30 - Tuesday, July 4
Fireworks Ordinance
2017 4th of July Schedule

Volunteer on 4th of July
The 4th of July is a great time to volunteer, serve your community and have a blast while doing it. Please review the following Food & Beverage volunteer opportunities and sign up, it is so appreciated. Simply click on "Sign Up" red button then click on "Submit and Sign Up" white button on the bottom of the page.

Click Here to Volunteer!